What Responsible Design Is All About

The sensitive designer approaches the enrichment of human space with scientific deliberateness. Patrick Rahming and Associates has developed Enhanced Living Environments to describe its philosophy and design approach.

The key to this process is to develop a built environment that respects the existing ecological and social balance. The results can be seen in the construction of a Japanese house, a traditional Spanish square and of structures on our own Dowdeswell Street.

These types of surroundings support the activities that enrich people’s lives because they have been designed to have social, historical and cultural meaning, climatic appropriateness and ecological balance.

All the elements of traditional Bahamian architecture are responses to those climatic imperatives – the high temperatures, south-east breezes, heavy, cyclonic rains, and the powerful hurricanes. As new technology becomes available, the responses to those same climatic imperatives are a challenge to the designer. At Patrick Rahming Associates, we use new technology to make the environment more comfortable while respecting the values of the past.

That is what responsible design is all about.

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