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Who We Are

Patrick Rahming & Associates is a digital firm of creative people who design elements of the built environment. Our office is the hub of a team of individuals and firms, each an expert in his or her field. At the center of that hub is the Principal, Patrick Rahming RIBA, and architect with 44 years’ experience working throughout the Bahamas. As one of the first (if not the first) architects to embrace the new digital tools to produce a higher level of service to clients, Mr. Rahming has developed a network of firms and individuals that allow the firm to expand and contract as needed to respond to any size project. Having worked on projects as large as Atlantis (Phase 1), with design teams of dozens of firms, he marshals the resources to deliver a service that recently delivered the new Nassau Market, a $14Million project, on time, and essentially on budget, and the new Baha Mar Pompey Bay Straw Market. Patrick Rahming & Associates is a firm that offers Architecture, Planning, Design, Creative Consultancy and Design/Build services from its modest offices on Sears Hill, utilizing its team members and consultants, as well as a number of self-employed architects and technicians.

Where We Came From

In 1976, after six formative years of practice in the offices of Donald Cartwright, the first fully qualified Bahamian Architect to practice in Nassau, Patrick Rahming RIBA opened the doors of Patrick Rahming & Associates. Six years later, after accomplishing several firsts for a local firm, he was joined by his former employer, Donald Cartwright, and his friend Jackson Burnside, and agreed to form The Architect’s Partnership. Over the next 13 years, primarily with Jackson Burnside (Cartwright moved to England), the firm built a fine reputation as one concerned about the finer points of Architecture, especially in its relationship to climate and culture. In 2002, after dissolving the Partnership, Patrick Rahming re-established Patrick Rahming & Associates, with a commitment to the development of a Bahamian Architecture, which the firm has continues to do.

What We Believe

The largely digital firm utilizes the tools of the 21st century to further the development of Enhanced Living Environments. These are places where the concern for the details of the Bahamian climate and the traditions and lifestyle of the Bahamian people combine to create a familiarity and a sense of completeness. The effort to reinvent details that are traditional, using new materials and digital tools is an on-going work at Patrick Rahming & Associates. The refusal to accept that there is any issue that is too great for the creative spirit drives the design effort, and the firm believes their effort justifies their slogan: “Making Places Special”.